Regulations and standards

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Past Anti-Dumping Review Panel reviews

Find past reviews by the Anti-Dumping Review Panel.

Past Anti-Dumping Review Panel reviews currently subject to judicial review  

Find past reviews currently subject to judicial review in the Federal Court or High Court of Australia.

Pattern approval

Apply for pattern approval and other testing services.

Pattern approval guidelines and procedures

These guidelines and procedures can help you with your pattern approval application.

Pattern approval instrument testing and assessment

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) assesses your submitted pattern to ensure it meets relevant requirements.

Pattern approval requirements

During the pattern approval process, we examine the design of an instrument. To comply, the instrument pattern must meet its related mandatory requirements.

Point of sale systems

Point of sale systems (POS) are used for buying and selling goods and services.

Precious metals and stones 

Trade measurement laws regulate the buying, selling and valuating of precious stones or metals when using a measuring instrument, such as a scale.

Premises Standards

The Premises Standards specify how public buildings must provide access for people living with disability.

State and territory governments adopt the Premises Standards into their building codes. 

We review the Premises Standards every 5 years.

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Reducing technical barriers to trade

We facilitate trade through a robust standards and conformance infrastructure and mutual recognition agreements.