Regulations and standards


Certificates of approval

Find a certificate of approval. We issue one for every measuring instrument that meets the pattern approval requirements.

Certifying authorities 

Certifying authorities certify measuring instruments and reference materials.

Conducting Australian space activities

How to comply with the regulatory framework and relevant processes for Australian space activities.

Country of origin labelling

Country of origin labels for food and complementary medicines help consumers make informed buying decisions.

Current Anti-Dumping Review Panel reviews

Find current reviews by the Anti-Dumping Review Panel.

Current cases and the electronic public record (EPR)

Find claims currently being investigated by the Anti-Dumping Commission.

Current measures in the dumping commodity register (DCR)

Find goods currently subject to measures.

Develop and submit your AIP plan

Once you have notified the Australian Industry Participation (AIP) Authority of your major project, you must develop and submit an AIP plan. Learn more about the requirements.
Trade measurement policy in development

Electric vehicle charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) are used to charge electric vehicles. EVCS are used for trade if the cost to charge an electric vehicle is based on the amount of electrical energy delivered (kWh).

The National Measurement Institute consulted on EVCS trade measurement policy in January 2022. We are continuing to evaluate consultation feedback and analyse options.

While we confirm options, we will not take compliance action for supplying, installing or using an EVCS for trade that is not pattern approved or verified. This includes electricity meters that form part of an EVCS.

When we reach a policy outcome, we will update our website and notify stakeholders by email. 

International guide

The International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML) has developed and published a Guide for EVCS ‘OIML G 22:2022, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

We have not yet made a decision about whether Australia will adopt the guide. 

How importers and exporters can participate in the anti-dumping system

If you are an importer or exporter, you can participate in the anti-dumping system.