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Anti-Dumping Commission current cases and the electronic public record

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The Anti-Dumping Commission investigates claims that dumped and subsidised imports have injured Australian industry.

You can search each investigation by document type including submission, report, notice etc. and each document is available for you to view.

You can also search the status field for new and updated cases.


  • PAD: preliminary affirmative decision or status report
  • SEF: statement of essential facts
  • Final report: Recommendation to the Minister
  • Finalised: interested parties may be able to apply for a review to the Anti-Dumping Review Panel

You can also view the Anti-Dumping Commission's archived cases.

You can view Federal Court cases relevant to anti-dumping on the Federal Court of Australia website

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Commodity Case Type Country Public Record Last updated Next Milestone Status
Aluminium extrusions Accelerated Review China 514

24/09/2019 Finalised Updated
Aluminium zinc coated steel Accelerated Review China 519

10/07/2019 Final Report
Aluminium extrusions Accelerated Review Malaysia 525

12/09/2019 Final Report
Deep drawn stainless steel sinks Continuation China 517

24/09/2019 SEF Updated
Hot rolled structural steel sections Continuation Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand 505

24/09/2019 Final Report Updated
Power transformers Continuation Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand 504

19/09/2019 Final Report
Quenched and tempered steel plate Continuation Finland, Japan, Sweden 506

04/09/2019 Final Report
Silicon metal Continuation China 524

05/09/2019 SEF
Wind towers Continuation China, Korea 487

03/09/2019 Reinvestigation
Aluminium extrusions Exemption China EX0069

12/07/2019 Final Report
Aluminium extrusions Exemption China EX0068

23/09/2019 Final Report
Ammonium nitrate Exemption Russia EX0066

01/11/2018 Final Report
Aluminium extrusions Exemption China, Malaysia, Vietnam EX0074

02/09/2019 Final Report
Aluminium extrusions Exemption China, Malaysia, Vietnam EX0075

02/09/2019 Final Report
Aluminium extrusions Exemption China, Malaysia, Vietnam EX0076

02/09/2019 Final Report
Hot rolled structural steel sections Exemption Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand EX0077

19/07/2019 Final Report
Resealable can end closures Exemption Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore EX0073

14/03/2019 Final Report
High density polyethylene Investigation Korea, Singapore, Thailand, USA 515

24/09/2019 PAD Updated
Hot dip galvanised steel angle Investigation China 516

09/09/2019 PAD
Power transformers Investigation China 507

22/08/2019 PAD
Aluminium extrusions Review China 497

09/09/2019 SEF
Steel reinforcing bar Review Thailand 518

27/08/2019 SEF
Hot rolled structural steel sections Review Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand 499

24/09/2019 Final Report Updated
Grinding balls Review China 520

22/07/2019 SEF
Resealable can end closures Review Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore 496

12/09/2019 Finalised
Zinc coated (galvanised) steel Review China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam 521

24/09/2019 SEF Updated
Aluminium zinc coated steel Review China 522

24/09/2019 SEF Updated
Aluminium extrusions Review Malaysia 509

16/09/2019 SEF
Tomato products, prepared or preserved Revocation Review Italy 508

17/07/2019 Final Report