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July 2019


The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is the Australian Government’s authority on measurement. We aim to ensure a fair, safe, healthy and competitive Australia. Watch this video to see the broad range of NMI activities serving Australian stakeholders.


Dr Bruce Warrington: We rely on accurate and fit-for-purpose measurement everyday.

The National Measurement Institute is Australia’s peak measurement body, working to make sure you can trust physical, chemical, biological, legal, and trade measurements.

Kitty Fen: NMI maintains Australia’s top-level standards for a broad range of measurements. From mass, length, and time to light, electrical quantities, temperature and amounts of chemical and biological substance. Our scientists work to ensure that measurements are consistent across Australia and accepted worldwide. Our aim is to support a fair, safe, healthy and competitive Australia.

Stephanie Deller: Our Trade Measurement inspectors are checking that weighing scales and fuel pumps are accurate throughout Australia.

Dr Chris Thomas: We calibrate, test and certify a wide range of instruments, gauges and components.

Dr Raymond Satumba: Our work involves producing chemical reference materials including reference gas mixtures. These standards support international comparability and underpin trade for major export industries such as LNG.

Dr Angela Samuel: Our experts support the integrity of Australia’s measurement system, through participation and global frameworks that reduce technical barriers to trade. NMI’s internationally recognised capabilities are disseminated to Australian industry and other stakeholders through activities such as service delivery, training and technical advice.

Richard Tea: We play an important role in ensuring Australians are healthy and live in a clean and safe environment.

Dr Shiva Prasad: NMI works together with state and federal government departments, industries, researchers and agencies to address health and environmental challenges.

Jesuina De Araujo: Our scientists look for traces of chemicals and pollutants in imported and exported food, agricultural produce, air, water and soil.

Dr Martina Koeberl: They analyse our food for nutritional content and identify any allergens they may contain.

Dr Thish De Silva: We also test Australian defence personnel’s food ration packs for stability and vitamin content.

Dr Victoria Coleman: Our work on nanomaterials helps develop novel applications, for example in nanomedicine, and to assist others to make sure they are safe and effective.

Dr Somanath Bhat: We are working towards more effective cancer diagnostics.

Deborah Yen: As the only World Anti-Doping Agency approved laboratory in Oceania, we help to ensure sport is clean and everyone is on a level playing field.

Julian Russo: And we play a role working with the Australian Federal Police testing illicit drugs for intelligence information.

Dr Winston Yan: Accurate and precision measurement is important for industry. We help Australian industry be more competitive and innovative.

Dr Yabai He: We can tailor measurement solutions to help solve industries’ challenges and they ensure they remain on the cutting edge.

Dr Ilya Budovsky: We also develop unique measurement instruments ourselves.

Salam Matalka: We provide industries with access to our unique specialist facilities, supported by our expert staff.

Voice over: And we provide specialist training in measurement and quality assurance.

Mario Zamora: Our pattern approval role allows us to certify the design of measuring instruments used for trade and legal purposes.  We also support manufacturers designing accurate and reliable equipment.  

Dr Bakir Babic: Our broad and deep expertise is underpinned by a proud tradition of cutting edge research and technical excellence,

Sebastian Barone: and we aspire to partner with the best in Australia and overseas to continue that tradition.

Dr Bruce Warrington: NMI is here to help make Australia a better place through better measurement.

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