Global Innovation Strategy

Date published:
15 October 2016

The Global Innovation Strategy is the key international measure of the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

The strategy is a whole-of-government approach to increasing Australia’s innovation and science connections internationally. It aligns with and builds on existing government initiatives that:

  • enhance whole-of-government global engagement
  • build business and research collaboration
  • draw talent and investment into Australia
  • increase links to global value chains
  • help create an innovative, open marketplace for Australian businesses and researchers in the Asia–Pacific.

Access the Global Innovation Strategy

The Global Innovation Strategy and its programs will cease by the end of 2022 following a transition period in the 2021-22 financial year. This includes: 

  • the Global Innovation Linkages program
  • the Global Connections Fund
  • the Supporting Australian Innovation in Asia measure.

The Landing Pads program, administered by Austrade, will continue.