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Increasing international collaboration on science and research

The Australian Government is supporting Australian businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers to collaborate with international partners on science and research. This will help ensure Australia remains at the forefront of science and technology innovation.

Global Science and Technology Diplomacy Fund

The Global Science and Technology Diplomacy Fund (GSTDF) identifies and funds science and technology initiatives to grow Australia’s capability.

The GSTDF has strategic and bilateral elements.

Strategic element

The strategic element is a flexible funding arrangement. It will fund collaborative projects with identified research partners in 4 priority areas.

We have identified the priority areas through extensive stakeholder engagement and alignment with Australian Government strategies and priorities.

The research partners have been selected through:

  • data analysis
  • their track record of delivering world-leading research capabilities
  • impactful collaboration potential with Australia.

Priority areas and identified partners for 2022:

  • advanced manufacturing: USA, Italy, UK, France, Switzerland
  • artificial intelligence and quantum computing: Japan, UK, France, Spain, USA
  • hydrogen production: Germany, Canada, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand
  • RNA (including mRNA) vaccines and therapies: USA, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Singapore.

The Prime Minister and Minister for Science and Technology will review priorities annually.

Read more about funding arrangements and delivery partners

Bilateral element

The bilateral element includes 2 dedicated funds:

Opportunities to partner with Australia on innovation, science and research

See our Partnering with Australia on Innovation, Science and Research booklet for information on Australian Government initiatives that support international connections.

International projects and partnership case studies

We foster collaboration through projects like Australia’s participation in Japan’s Innovation Leaders Summit.

Read case studies highlighting our international projects and partnerships.

See a video showcasing 40 years of successful Australian and Japanese collaboration.

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Last updated: 12 July 2022

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