Implementing the Strategy

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We all have a role to play

To reap the benefits that new technologies provide and make sure no-one is left behind we must work together.

Many Australian businesses are taking action to take advantage of the opportunities and to compete internationally in a global digital economy. This includes:

  • planning for an increasingly digital future
  • developing new business models and driving the uptake of new technologies
  • investing in digital infrastructure to support their productivity and competitiveness
  • investing in their people by developing the digital skills of their staff; and/or
  • investing in protecting their business and customers from cybercrime and data breaches.

Individuals also have a role to play to maximise opportunities in a digital economy. Many Australians are:

  • increasing their use of digital technology to interact with each other, businesses and governments
  • seeking educational and skills development that will position them for future jobs
  • protecting themselves from online threats and misuse of their data.

The Government provides the enabling environment for the Australian economy. To spread the benefits of the digital economy and maximise the opportunities for all Australians, the Government will:

  • ensure education and training meets current and future needs, to help businesses take advantage of digital opportunities and leave no Australian behind
  • facilitate investment in enabling digital infrastructure
  • improve access to, and use of, data while maintaining strong data safeguards
  • improve trust, confidence and security around digital activities
  • ensure regulatory frameworks are flexible, adaptable and fit-for-purpose
  • deliver digital government services that are secure, fast and easy to use
  • champion an open, free and secure cyberspace internationally.

This is an ongoing conversation

The Australia’s Tech Future agenda has been developed with help from members of the community, businesses, industry groups, states and territories and the research sector.

This partnership will continue.

The Government will build on the momentum created by the launch of Australia’s Tech Future to drive meaningful and lasting engagement by:

  1. Maintaining collaboration with industry, community groups and academia
  2. Working closely with the governments of states and territories
  3. Tracking Australia’s performance.

These actions are interdependent and collectively form an ongoing plan to both communicate and engage on Australia’s Tech Future.

Collaborating with industry, community groups and academia

The Government will continue to work with key industry, community and academia stakeholders to discuss, coordinate and collaborate on activities to strengthen Australia’s tech future. The purpose of this will be to work together to coordinate action, inform the development of future government policies, and encourage further investment.

This collaboration will identify opportunities where industry expertise can drive benefits for Australian businesses that also flow to the broader community. The community sector will also have the opportunity to engage with Government on key issues including on action to reduce the digital divide for people with lower levels of participation in the digital economy. The Government will work with academia to capture the expertise that the sector can bring to a range of digital economy issues.

This work will be closely connected to digital economy work already under way across government to ensure it can contribute in a meaningful way to address priority areas for Government.

Working closely with states and territories

The Commonwealth Government will continue to engage with states and territories both bilaterally and through the COAG Industry and Skills Council to progress the agenda for Australia’s Tech Future. By sharing ideas and working together governments can boost the opportunities for businesses and the community.

Tracking Australia’s performance

The implementation of Australia’s Tech Future will include monitoring how Australia is tracking against our stated objectives and outcomes to identify where to further focus efforts.

The Government will track Australia’s performance relative to other countries in key areas where global metrics exist.

This is essential to ensure the Government’s agenda remains fit for purpose, with a nuanced approach that delivers the best results for Australians. Doing so represents global best practice for capturing benefits of technology. For example, the European Commission tracks the performance of EU Member States in digital connectivity, digital skills online activity, the digitisation of businesses and digital public services.

Our shared success will be measured by Australians’ ability to engage with technology, ensuring Australia’s economic base is diverse, resilient and dynamic to secure jobs and prosperity.