What are the opportunities in cyber security?

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Building our reputation as a safe place to do business

Australia already has a reputation as a secure, stable country with a robust regulatory framework and legal protections. We can build on this reputation to position our country as a safe online environment for business and industry to operate. This will attract investment and develop our cyber security industry.

Winning our share of a growing global industry

Global spending on cyber security is expected to almost double from around US$126 billion in 2016 to US$251 billion by 2026. Australian businesses can tap into the growing need for cyber security products and services. A greater focus on cyber security by Australian businesses will see significant benefits to the wider economy, and could lift business investment by 5.5 per cent by 2030, creating 60,000 new jobs.

To take advantage of these opportunities and reduce Australia’s exposure to cyber threats, the Government, industry and the education sector need to work together to inform the workforce and address the significant shortage of cyber skilled experts.