Australian start-up AgriDigital embraces blockchain to make agricultural supply chains simple

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Publication Date: 
December 2018
Case study from: Australia's Tech Future

AgriDigital is an Australian agricultural start-up that uses blockchain technology to track produce across the grain supply chain. This gives growers and buyers a way to receive fair compensation and increases transparency, efficiency and trust for farmers.

Using this commodity management platform, agricultural businesses can better manage supply chains and ensure the origin of their products. Users can stay ahead of digital supply chain developments and meet the demands of their customers and partners.

Since the first deal in 2016, over 2,400 people have used the cloud platform, with more than 1.6 million tonnes of grain transacted totalling $360 million in grower payments.

With the initial focus on the grains industry, AgriDigital intends to expand into livestock, cotton and other agricultural markets. It also plans to export its digital technology to Canada and the US.