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EPR 216 - Peach products, prepared or preserved from South Africa

Goods covered by the application

Prepared or preserved peach products either whole (peeled or unpeeled) or in pieces (including halves, slices, diced), with or without added sugar or other sweetening matter or spirit, prepared or preserved in container sizes from 300 grams up to and including 1.5 kilograms.

Goods excluded from this application are:

  • individually packed prepared or preserved peach products of less than 300g which are sold for snacking purposes;

  • peaches mixed with other fruit types such as pears, apples or nectarines;

  • sizes greater than 1.5kg, which are more common in the food service channel; and

  • multiple packs of individual packs of prepared or preserved peach products, each less than 300g, which are sold together to aggregate to greater than 300g.

Case information


Case type

Dumping investigation

Lodgement date

17 June 2013


SPC Ardmona Operations Limited

Tariff classification

2008.70.00 (statistical code 51)

Investigation period for dumping

1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013

Injury examination period

From 1 January 2009

Public record documents

The public record EPR 216 includes non-confidential versions of documents such as the application, submissions, questionnaire responses, Commission visit reports and letters.

Key dates




Initial submissions due

19 August 2013


Preliminary affirmative determination (PAD) earliest date

8 September 2013


Statement of essential facts (SEF) no later than

28 October 2013


Submissions to SEF due

18 November 2013


Final recommendation to the Minister no later than

12 December 2013

Investigation terminated


For exporters

For importers

Questionnaire (DOCX 168KB)

Questionnaire (DOCX 96KB)

Spreadsheet (XLSX 44KB)

Spreadsheet (XLSX 31KB)

Contacts for this investigation

Case manager: Tel (02)6275 5649

Fax: 1300 882 506 or +61 2 6275 6888 outside Australia


Mailing address:

The Director,

Operations 2

Anti-Dumping Commission

5th Floor, Customs House

5 Constitution Avenue


Electronic Public Records

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30 Report
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