Chemical and biological measurement services

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Chemical and biological reference materials

The National Measurement Institute produces and sells high quality reference materials for accurately determining the composition of a chemical or gas sample. These materials include chemical calibration standards, chemical matrices and gas calibration standards.

Depositing biological materials for patents

We are an international depositary authority under the Budapest Treaty for samples of patented micro-organisms.

DNA standards for food, environment and health

The National Measurement Institute produces genetic reference standards for health, food and environmental applications with global comparability through traceability to the International System of Units.

Proficiency testing services

The National Measurement Institute is an internationally recognised proficiency testing (PT) provider. PT provides laboratories with independent evidence about their chemical and gas measurements.

Proficiency testing study: AQA 22-34 Odorants in Natural Gas

This proficiency test is part of the National Measurement Institute's (NMI's) 2022 proficiency testing program.

Service terms and conditions for the supply of reference materials

These are the service terms and conditions for the supply of reference materials by the National Measurement Institute.