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Public weighbridges are open for public use for a charge under the National Measurement Act 1960

Weighbridges determine the mass of a vehicle, including prime movers and connected trailers. They are used to weigh goods such as farm produce, agricultural products, scrap metal and landscape materials weighing over 3 tonnes.

Read about operating a public weighbridge

A public weighing is recorded on a measurement ticket [126KB PDF].

The mass listed on the measurement ticket can include:

  • gross mass, the mass of the vehicle including the load
  • tare mass, the mass of the vehicle prior to being loaded
  • net mass, the subtraction of the tare mass from the gross mass

See a full list of public weighbridge locations [27KB XLSX] [198KB PDF].

Weighbridge map

Use the embedded map below or view the weighbridge map in full screen mode.

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Last updated: 25 June 2021

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