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This register lists the details of product permits issued by the National Measurement Institute (NMI). A permit may be granted allowing the sale of packaged goods with minor breaches to labelling rules under the National Measurement Act 1960. Permits can only be granted when:

  • breaches are not misleading 
  • rectifying the breach would impose unnecessary costs on the business

Permit conditions

Permit holders must provide a copy of the permit to any purchaser who intends to sell on the product. In addition, this register lists any specific conditions for each permit. 
Penalties apply if permit holders breach the conditions of the permit.

Register of permits 

Below is our register of permits issued under section 18JX of the National Measurement Act 1960

Permit reference number CAS-14986-V6P9R9:

  • Permit Issue date: 29 May 2019
  • Permit issued to: Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd, Level 6 45 Jones Street, Ultimo NSW 2007
  • Product(s) subject of permit: Johnson & Johnson Pacific “Neutrogena Hydro Boost cleanser facial wipes” that contain 25 wipes/packet
  • Conditions of permit: 
    1. Purchasers of “Neutrogena Hydro Boost cleanser facial wipes” who intend to resell the prepackaged product to another person (e.g. retailers and wholesalers) shall be provided with a copy of this permit at the time of sale.
    2. When sold in retail outlets, shelf tickets for prepackaged product must include the quantity.
    3. The prepackaged product as described, packed by you or on your behalf and available from retail or wholesale premises within Australia will be labelled correctly before the expiration of this permit.
    4. This permit expires on 21 November 2019. To continue resale of any remaining stock beyond this date, an extension will need to be applied for and granted.

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Last updated: 20 June 2019

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