The People strategy 2024–2026 outlines how we're building a high-performance organisation by investing in our people, culture and values.

The strategy is built on targeted people initiatives under 3 pillars:

  1. attract, develop and retain people

  2. modern ways of working

  3. inclusive, safe and people-centred workplace.

Secretary's message

Attract, develop and retain people

We strive to be a great place to work and to have a high-performing workforce that we're proud of. We know that continuing to build our workforce diversity and capability underpins our ability to positively contribute to the lives and communities of many Australians

We work effectively thanks to the capability of our people, systems and practices. We do everything with integrity and strive to be a model employer.

To continue to build on this strong foundation, we will focus on:

  • capability
  • improving recruitment 
  • talent and leadership
  • mobility.
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Modern ways of working

We continue to show we are flexible and can pivot in response to change. We know that being flexible and adaptable is important to embracing opportunities and responding to challenges.

We'll stay connected by broadening and deepening our ties with each other and our stakeholders.

We'll promote collaboration, innovation and modern ways of working, giving our people the right tools to do their jobs.

We'll maintain and develop an innovative, skilled and professional workforce through:

  • workforce planning
  • harnessing change
  • improved human resources (HR) systems
  • management training.
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Inclusive, safe and people-centred workplace

We have a large state and territory network and diverse portfolio of responsibilities. We're strong collaborators and operate inclusively to support the breadth of our work and solve challenges.

In all that we do, we’ll apply the ‘4Cs’: 

  • Curious: being curious to new ideas, embracing learning, and building feedback into our everyday work life. 
  • Connected: broadening and deepening our ties with each other and our stakeholders.
  • Collaborative: working together, and with others to solve challenges. 
  • Caring: supporting staff wellbeing and ensuring we thrive, both individually and as a team. 

We’ll continue to strengthen our culture, where our people feel they are safe and belong, by focusing on:

  • health and wellbeing
  • nurturing and celebrating our inclusive culture
  • diversity
  • reward and recognition.
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Our goals

  • Maintain and improve our culture and people engagement.
  • Lift our people capability.
  • Maintain a safe work environment that promotes wellbeing.
  • Maintain a high-performing workforce.