This page belongs to: People strategy 2024–2026

Inclusive, safe and people-centred workplace

We’ll continue to strengthen our inclusive organisational culture where everyone feels safe and has a strong sense of belonging. 

We’ll promote an environment that supports us to achieve our potential, evaluates our performance fairly, and recognises and rewards our contributions.

We’ll celebrate our diversity, shared values, and purpose. 

We commit to achieving the highest levels of safety for our people, to manage psychosocial risks and foster mentally healthy workplaces. 

Focus areas

Health and wellbeing

We commit to achieving the highest levels of safety for our people, supporting the physical, and psychological wellbeing of everyone at work. We recognise that health, safety and wellbeing is a shared responsibility, and will support our people to continue taking control of their health and wellbeing. We’ll support leaders to create safe work environments, especially in remote areas and during periods of increased uncertainty.

Nurturing and celebrating our inclusive culture

Building an inclusive organisational culture brings our people together around shared values and purpose, creating a strong sense of connection. Our culture will help everyone provide service excellence, and to live the department’s ‘4Cs’ of care, curiosity, collaboration and connection.


We recognise diversity is important and value the different skills, knowledge and perspectives our people bring with them.

Reward and recognition

We reward and recognise the efforts and achievements of the teams and people who represent our values and make significant contributions to the workplace. 

Outcomes and actions

Everyone feels physically and psychologically safe at work

  • Develop and implement the Safety, Health and Wellbeing Plan.
  • Develop and implement the Psychosocial Framework.

Our people have an equal opportunity to participate, contribute and progress

  • Continue to deliver the Accessibility Action Plan 2020–2025.
  • Review our inclusion strategy and implement a refreshed inclusion plan which includes the department’s 4Cs.
  • Continue to take a people centric and consultative approach to developing our policies and procedures.

Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce reaches its full potential

  • Continue to deliver the Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan 2023-26.
  • Develop and implement a First Nations workforce plan. 

Support and contribute to whole-of-government inclusion priorities

  • Continue to implement government inclusion priorities. Examples of focus areas include:
    • Closing the Gap
    • Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workforce Strategy 2020–24
    • Australian Public Service Disability Employment Strategy 2020–25
    • Australian Public Service Gender Equality Strategy 2021–26
    • APS Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Employment Strategy.