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Executive summary

Australia is on the cusp of a transformation driven by advances in technology. With the right policy, regulatory and economic framework, this transformation will:

  • modernise our economy
  • improve our society
  • support national interests
  • create high-paying jobs for future generations.

Quantum technologies are at the centre of this transformation, enabling potential new manufacturing techniques, drug treatments and advances in foundational science.


In 2030, Australia is recognised as a leader of the global quantum industry, and quantum technologies are integral to a prosperous, fair and inclusive Australia.

A strategy built on consultation

The National Quantum Strategy is based on extensive consultation with the quantum sector and wider community over 2022. Consultation was led by Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Cathy Foley AO PSM, and included submissions, roundtables, working groups and town hall meetings. The level and quality of participation highlighted the sector’s potential and appetite for action.

These consultations helped us identify the key efforts and actions needed to realise Australia’s quantum opportunity. We also drew on the guidance of our National Quantum Advisory Committee and contributions from state and territory governments.

Opportunities and challenges

The quantum industry has highlighted the opportunities and challenges that Australia faces to maximise the benefits of quantum technology.

We have opportunities to:

  • capitalise on our expertise
  • build sovereign capability for future advancements
  • benefit from economic growth and improvements in productivity
  • position Australia as an international destination for talent and investment with a strong local ecosystem.

But we also face challenges in:

  • commercialising products
  • attracting long-term capital
  • accessing infrastructure
  • ensuring fit-for-purpose frameworks that support Australia’s national interest
  • meeting the sector’s growing quantum skills needs.

As well as economic opportunities, adopting quantum technologies may impact Australians’ safety, security and values. The strategy’s actions will capitalise on these opportunities and address the identified challenges.

Our themes

The National Quantum Strategy has 5 central themes. Each theme has a set of actions over 7 years that will position Australia for success. The themes are focused on:

  1. creating thriving research and development, investment in and use of quantum technologies
  2. securing access to essential quantum infrastructure and materials
  3. building a skilled and growing quantum workforce
  4. ensuring our standards and frameworks support national interests
  5. building a trusted, ethical and inclusive quantum ecosystem

The strategy outlines how the Australian Government will deliver on its vision. It also signals areas the government may consider in the future, including investment opportunities.

Australia’s quantum ambition will not be realised by working alone – every part of the quantum ecosystem needs to work towards the same goal, including through investments. The government will drive the implementation of the strategy, but other partners will lead some actions and initiatives. We will draw on the strengths of industry, businesses, universities, states, territories and international partners to ensure Australia realises its quantum opportunity.

Strategy actions

Theme 1: Thriving research and development, investment in and use of quantum technologies

The Australian Government will:

  • invest in, connect and grow Australia’s quantum ecosystem so we continue to compete with the world’s best
  • incentivise the growth of quantum technologies helping to address national challenges
  • catalyse private and public investment in industry-ready quantum technologies.
Action 1.1

Design new programs to incentivise the continued growth of quantum use cases in sensing, communications, and computing. The goal of these programs should be to fast-track projects using quantum and other advanced technologies to solve significant national challenges.

Action 1.2

Support initiatives to drive ecosystem growth, support commercialisation and enhance domestic and international links with strategic partners. The government will seek out and support initiatives involving consortiums of universities, quantum companies and industry translating quantum research into commercial outcomes.

Action 1.3

Grow a pipeline of quantum companies and technologies for potential future investment through the $15 billion National Reconstruction Fund, with a minimum of $1 billion earmarked for investment in critical technologies.

Theme 2: Securing access to essential quantum infrastructure and materials

The Australian Government will:

  • ensure that Australia’s quantum infrastructure supporting research and development meets the needs of Australia’s quantum ecosystem, now and into the future
  • be bold and ambitious in supporting the growth of new quantum infrastructure, including building the world’s first error-corrected quantum computer in Australia.
Action 2.1  

Conduct a national audit of quantum-related infrastructure enabling quantum research. The audit will identify capability gaps and areas for dedicated investment, including access to quantum computing capabilities.

Action 2.2  

Actively monitor supply chain challenges and opportunities affecting Australia’s quantum industries and move to address these wherever possible.

Theme 3: A skilled and growing quantum workforce

The Australian Government will:

  • promote Australia as the world’s top destination for people studying, undertaking research in and working in quantum industries
  • cement Australia’s status as a high-value location for companies establishing their own quantum-related capabilities.
Action 3.1 

Deliver the National Quantum Collaboration Initiative and quantum technology talent PhD scholarships, to lay the foundations for a nation-wide model for academic collaboration.

Action 3.2  

Release a quantum workforce report, including modelling to identify workforce and educational needs for our quantum sector and adjacent industries. The report will include skills taxonomies for quantum professionals and other adjacent occupations.

Action 3.3

Integrate quantum science into programs growing STEM awareness in schools, universities and VET, in collaboration with federal, state and territory education bodies. This will strengthen pathways and promote uptake into quantum and adjacent careers and will include initiatives to lift the participation of women, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other underrepresented groups.

Action 3.4

Explore measures to attract global quantum talent and position Australia as a top destination to build a thriving quantum career. This includes actively promoting Australia as a destination for professionals in quantum and adjacent industries, including through targeted incentives, skilled migration and talent attraction programs.

Theme 4: Standards and frameworks that support national interests

The Australian Government will:

  • be an active participant in global standards-setting bodies to promote the development of standards that support a thriving, accessible and safe quantum ecosystem
  • ensure Australia’s regulatory frameworks foster quantum-related research, support investment in quantum companies and support exports while protecting Australia’s national interests.
Action 4.1 

Work across government to ensure that regulatory measures and frameworks are fit for purpose to maximise opportunities and manage risks while protecting Australia’s national interests.

Action 4.2  

Explore options to strengthen collaboration and opportunity for industry with our established partners through existing arrangements and potential partnership arrangements, including AUKUS, the Quad, and other regional and special bilateral agreements.

Identify and consider opportunities to grow Australia’s regional leadership through collaborative programs of research, science diplomacy and provisioning access to infrastructure.

Theme 5: A trusted, ethical and inclusive quantum ecosystem

The Australian Government will:

  • ensure that the growth of Australia’s quantum ecosystem supports economic prosperity while safeguarding national wellbeing
  • champion responsible innovation and the introduction of new standards and regulatory mechanisms where national wellbeing is at risk.
Action 5.1 

Work with industry, academia and states and territories to develop principles to support the responsible and inclusive development and use of quantum technologies.

Action 5.2

Ensure that Australia is actively represented in international quantum standards-setting bodies. Continue to work with industry to boost participation in international quantum standards development.