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Strategic approach

The National Quantum Strategy is integral to the Australian Government’s agenda to build a stronger economy and create sustainable, well-paid jobs.

The strategy is also part of the government’s framework for critical technologies. Critical technology priorities are diverse, with different skills, research, infrastructure and commercialisation challenges and opportunities. They have benefits and uses across the economy. Investing in and supporting capabilities such as quantum is essential to boosting productivity and fostering a resilient, innovative economy.

The strategy reflects the role of government in leading investment and policies that help businesses harness emerging technologies. This includes:

  • creating the environment for businesses to harness emerging technologies
  • creating regulations that build trust, increase confidence and support growth
  • providing national leadership and policy coordination
  • investing and using financial incentives where appropriate, including by adopting these technologies early.

The government’s investments in the quantum sector must maximise the benefit to industry and minimise market distortions. Investments should:

  • have the potential to significantly impact Australia’s quantum sector or the broader economy
  • align with government priorities and Australia’s economic, social and national interests
  • counter market failures, address financing impediments and support the commercialisation of the sector, including with infrastructure that will help the industry scale
  • make use of contributions from other sources, such as:
    • international industry and investors
    • academia or research organisations
    • quantum industry
    • quantum technology end users
    • state and territory governments
    • international governments
    • existing programs such as grant programs and specialist investment vehicles.

Working together to deliver

To achieve this vision, we need a truly national effort from Australia’s entire quantum ecosystem. This includes:

  • all states and territories
  • the education sector
  • the technology and manufacturing industry
  • businesses and investors
  • the broader Australian community.

The Australian Government and research sector have led the way. The government has been investing in quantum for over 20 years, helping build a strong foundation in quantum information, science and technology. We can build on this foundation by coordinating our efforts and investing further to grow Australia’s skilled workforce, businesses, infrastructure, partnerships and capabilities.

The Department of Industry, Science and Resources leads the development and implementation of the strategy. We will work with partners across government, including the:

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, including Austrade
  • Department of Home Affairs
  • Department of Defence
  • Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
  • Treasury.