The National Battery Strategy is a key part of the government's Future Made in Australia agenda.

The strategy outlines how the Australian Government will support our domestic battery industry as it grows. It sets out how we will create a diverse and competitive Australian battery industry. 

Through the strategy we will: 

  • improve Australia's energy security 
  • ensure our place in global battery supply chains 
  • drive economic growth
  • create positive social, economic and resilience outcomes for all Australians. 

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Acknowledgement of Country

Our department recognises the First Peoples of this Nation and their connections to the land.

Minister's foreword

Read the foreword from the Hon Ed Husic MP, Minister for Industry and Science.

The strategy at a glance

A quick overview of the National Battery Strategy.

The National Battery Strategy is a key part of the government’s Future Made in Australia agenda. The strategy will improve Australia’s resilience and security and drive economic growth by expanding Australia’s battery manufacturing capabilities and building skills. This will help us meet our target of 82% renewable energy and secure our place in global battery supply chains.

Our vision is that by 2035, Australia is a globally competitive producer of batteries and battery materials, providing secure and resilient battery supply chains, delivering affordable and secure energy for Australians, boosting productivity, and creating wealth and opportunity while being part of the global energy transition.

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Introduction to the National Battery Strategy

Our plans for the future of Australia's batteries and how we'll manufacture them.

High value opportunities for Australia

How we're targeting our efforts to strengthen supply chains and build critical manufacturing capabilities.

Summary of the strategy's actions

How the government is funding battery innovation in Australia.

Our priorities

We will create a fully charged Australian battery industry by focusing on 5 key priorities: 

Priority 1: Manufacturing

Build battery manufacturing capabilities in ways that strengthen economic resilience, leverage Australia’s comparative advantages and add value to our economy

Priority 2: Knowledge and skills

Build knowledge and skills to create secure Australian-made jobs.

Priority 3: Global supply chains

Secure Australia’s place in global battery supply chains.

Priority 4: Sustainability, ESG and circular economy

Lead the world on sustainability, standards and the circular economy.

Priority 5: Government coordination

Bring all levels of government together.



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