This page belongs to: Critical Minerals Strategy 2023–2030

Vision and objectives

The Critical Minerals Strategy provides a national framework to grow Australia’s critical minerals sector and achieve the Government’s vision. The Strategy sets out priorities across 6 focus areas and sets out how the Australian Government will work with communities, industry, investors, the research and innovation sector, states and territories, and international partners to seize this strategic opportunity.

In developing this Strategy, the Government consulted stakeholders to understand the barriers and opportunities faced by industry and communities. This consultation was made up of 15 roundtables and multiple one-on-one meetings including participants from industry, academia, First Nations representatives, community groups and state and territory governments. Over 130 written submissions were received in response to consultation.

Vision for 2030

Australia has grown the geostrategic and economic footprint of our critical minerals sector by becoming a globally significant producer of raw and processed critical minerals. These minerals underpin diverse, resilient and sustainable global supply chains, that support industries and technologies which are crucial for:

  • the global transition to net zero emissions
  • domestic and regional energy security
  • our defence and economic security.


Create diverse, resilient and sustainable supply chains through strong and secure international partnerships

We will supply processed critical minerals to diversify global markets and support Australia’s access to priority technologies. This includes working with international partners to build secure, resilient and sustainable supply chains that reduce market concentration. We will enhance our high environmental, social, and governance (ESG) credentials and our status as a trusted and reliable trading partner.

Build sovereign capability in critical minerals processing

We will move up the critical minerals value chain and increase Australia’s footprint in downstream processing. We will make high-value products that build new industries and strengthen our domestic resilience to supply chain shocks.

Use our critical minerals to help become a renewable energy superpower

We will unlock our vast potential as a major supplier of the critical minerals needed to decarbonise the global economy. Australia’s critical minerals sector will help the world decarbonise, including enabling Australia to reach our own legislated targets of 43 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 and net zero by 2050.

Extract more value onshore from our resources – creating jobs and economic opportunity, including for regional and First Nations communities

We will ensure Australian communities benefit from the sustainable growth of the critical minerals sector by:

  • creating new industries, including mineral refining and processing, and the manufacture of clean energy technologies
  • supporting secure, well-paying jobs with skills pathways for future generations
  • establishing genuine partnerships and sharing benefits with regional and First Nations communities
  • advancing gender equality.