This page belongs to: Critical Minerals Strategy 2023–2030


Accelerating global demand for critical minerals is an unmissable opportunity for Australia.

The Strategy will drive Australia’s critical minerals sector to become a globally significant producer of raw and processed critical minerals. This will:

  • underpin diverse, resilient and sustainable global supply chains
  • build sovereign capability in critical minerals processing and manufacturing for key technologies
  • use our critical minerals to help become a renewable energy superpower
  • extract more value onshore from our resources – creating jobs and economic opportunity, including for regional and First Nations communities.

This Strategy provides the framework to grow the geostrategic and economic footprint of our globally renowned, technologically advanced, worlds-best-practice critical minerals sector and use our vast critical minerals endowments for national benefit.

'The Critical Minerals Strategy highlights that the move towards a global net-zero economy is generating a significant increase in demand for critical minerals around the world, creating a generational opportunity for Australian workers and Australian businesses.' 

– Critical minerals explorer