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Pressure measurement services

The National Measurement Institute’s (NMI) pressure measurement services are the most accurate in Australia. 

We provide services to Australian laboratories, universities, government and industry. We deliver most of our services in our Melbourne laboratory. We deliver some services on-site at our clients’ laboratories and facilities around Australia.

Our services include:

  • high-precision calibrations and measurements
  • certificates for legal proceedings or compliance
  • advice on laboratory quality systems
  • training in pressure measurement
  • support to export products or services by weights and measures
  • research and advice for product development and product safety

Calibration services

We calibrate pressure measurement instruments from high vacuum to 500 MPa. Our uncertainty capability is as low as 0.0010%.

Instruments we calibrate

We calibrate most instruments that measure pressure, including custom-built devices. The most common instruments we calibrate are:

  • mercury barometers (Fortin), through an on-site single-point check
  • aneroid/digital barometers
  • manometers, including high-grade digital and liquid manometers of varying types 
  • high-vacuum gauges 
  • hydraulic pressure balances 
  • gas-operated pressure balances
  • industrial pressure and vacuum gauges
  • high-precision pressure transducers and calibrators

For more information about our calibration services, email

Turnaround times

Our turnaround time for calibrations is usually between 2 weeks and 2 months. Wait times vary depending on demand at the time, and on how complex or rare the instrument is. We liaise with clients to meet their schedule requirements wherever possible. We calibrate some instruments sooner if urgent.

How much it costs to calibrate your instrument

We customise our service to meet each client’s unique needs, for each instrument.

Our calibrations are for clients who need the highest accuracy possible. This includes other laboratories accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). Most NATA accredited laboratories provide results traceable to the standards we maintain. 

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Consultancy services

We customise our service to suit each client’s needs. We work with clients to understand their measurement issues or opportunities and provide:

  • precision measurement
  • training in pressure measurement
  • contract research and development
  • advice for product development, measurement integrity and quality assurance

For more information about our consultancy services, email

Why use the NMI’s services?

As Australia’s peak body for measurement, we’re in a unique position to support our clients. We provide the most accurate pressure measurement services in Australia because we:

  • have the most advanced and innovative facilities
  • develop and maintain Australia’s pressure measurement standards
  • calibrate the widest breath of instruments with the lowest uncertainties possible
  • conduct innovative research to improve standards and support clients
  • customise our service offering to suit each client’s unique needs and objectives

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Last updated: 8 December 2020

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