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Applying for and renewing a public weighbridge licence

To conduct public weighings, you must hold a current public weighbridge licence.

To find out more about the requirements, read:

To apply for or renew a public weighbridge licence, you must:

  • pay the application fees
  • complete and submit the:
  • provide a statement of attainment for at least one of your weighbridge operators
  • provide a verification certificate for your weighbridge issued from a servicing licensee within the last 12 months (email for a list of servicing licensees near you)
  • provide a National Police Check that is less than 12 months old for each of the principals of the business, including all directors and partners. This can be done online through your state police website or in person at your local police station.
  • provide an example of your public weighbridge measurement tickets.

Email all documents to

We will not commence your licence until you have paid all fees and we may take up to 28 days to make a decision.

We grant public weighbridge licences for up to 3 years.

Application fees

To apply for or to renew a public weighbridge licence you must pay:

  • $785 for a new licence application (not payable on renewals)
  • $550 for each year of the licence (up to 3 years).