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Electric vehicle supply equipment

Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) measures active electrical energy supplied to or from an electric vehicle.

You use EVSE for trade to determine the amount of active electrical energy supplied to or from an electric vehicle for a transaction.

EVSE has other names, such as electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS). Australia is adopting the term EVSE in line with the International Organization of Legal Metrology’s guide OIML G 22:2022 Electric vehicle supply equipment PDF 863 KB (OIML G 22).

Trade measurement policy

The amount of active electrical energy or the associated price calculations supplied to or from an electric vehicle by an EVSE must not be misrepresented.

EVSE are not electricity meters and will be subject to metrological controls including pattern approval and verification by 1 April 2026. 

We drafted a general certificate of approval for EVSE based on OIML G 22. Read about the draft general certificate of approval for EVSE on our consultation hub

Policy action plan

We consulted on trade measurement policy options for EVCS between 2021 and 2022. Read the consultation and outcome papers on our consultation hub. 

We are now developing a full metrological control framework for EVSE The framework will consider:

  • pattern approval requirements based on OIML G 22
  • adoption of an OIML recommendation when published 
  • verification test procedure in the form of a national instrument test procedure (NITP) 
  • licensing framework for servicing licensees and verifiers.

We will develop and publish a general certificate of approval for EVSE by 1 July 2024. When we publish the general certificate all EVSE in use for trade must operate inside the maximum allowed errors stated. 

All EVSE must comply with all relevant trade measurement laws by 1 April 2036. This includes:

  • pattern approval 
  • verification
  • all EVSE made before 1 April 2026.

We will not take compliance or enforcement action on any unapproved or unverified EVSE made before 1 April 2026 until 1 April 2036.

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