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Gas flow measurement and calibration services

We offer the most accurate gas flow measurement services in Australia. We calibrate instruments, conduct measurements, and deliver research, advice and training.

We specialise in calibrating reference grade measuring instruments and standards.

This includes those used by National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratories and the gas industry.

We’re Australia’s peak body for gas flow measurement, and our laboratory develops and maintains the national standards. We have a highly experienced team of specialised scientists and engineers and our NATA accredited facilities are among the best in the world. 

Our services include:

  • instrument calibration and testing
  • consultancy, research and development
  • customised training.

Calibrating gas flow measuring instruments 

We calibrate most reference-grade instruments and standards that measure gas flow. We deliver the lowest uncertainties possible in Australia. Our work suits clients who need to know their measurements are as accurate as possible, and clients seeking a calibration certificate directly from Australia’s peak body.

Our calibrations suit many clients from the gas supply industry, and those from NATA accredited laboratories who calibrate instruments for their clients. NATA accredited laboratories provide traceability to the national standards we maintain.

Instruments and standards we calibrate:

  • ultra-sonic meters
  • variable area flowmeters 
  • orifice plates 
  • mass flow meters 
  • laminar flow elements 
  • rotary meters 
  • turbine meters 
  • wet gas meters 
  • coriolis meters 
  • critical flow venturi (or sonic) nozzles 
  • soap film meters
  • customised and purpose-built gas flow meters, systems and standards.

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Instrument calibration capabilities

Our instrument calibrations are directly traceable to the national standards we maintain. Measurements that our clients make with instruments we calibrate are directly traceable to the same standards. This also provides international traceability, which is critical for clients who import or export gas.

Flow measurement meters

  • flowrate volumes ranging from 0.1 cc min-1 up to 7000 m³ h-1 (normalised to atmospheric conditions and room temperatures) using various gases
  • flowrate volumes up to 500 kg h-1, pressures up to 7 bar.

Venturi nozzles 

We calibrate Venturi nozzles at normalised atmospheric conditions and room temperatures. We can vary relative humidities and gas type to measure:

  • flowrate volumes up to 250 m³ h-1
  • upstream pressures up to 7 bars.

Indicative service costs 

We provide premium gas flow calibration services. Our fees relate to the quality and quantity of work done on each instrument. Many clients need this level of work for regulatory, legal or commercial reasons. NATA accredited laboratories around Australia can deliver results directly traceable to the standards we maintain. These laboratories can provide a lower-level calibration service that may suit the needs of many clients, at more competitive rates. 

We can customise calibration strategies to suit requirements and budgets. This includes quoting for batch calibrations.

Typical turnaround times

  • Booking to calibration (lead time): 2 to 4 weeks
  • Common instrument calibrations: 2 to 5 days
  • Uncommon, rare or unique instrument calibrations: 2 to 10 days
  • Calibration report, after calibration: 1 to 2 weeks.

We work with clients to meet their schedule wherever possible, including urgent needs.

Book an instrument for calibration

To book, complete the calibration request form. Our calibration coordinator will get in touch to discuss your needs.

Next steps

We’ll prepare and present a formal quotation and schedule, and provide specific shipping instructions.

On accepting the quote, ship the instrument according to instructions.

Our experts will prepare the instrument then perform the calibration. We’ll ship the instrument back. If requested, we can send a calibration report to you.

Consultancy, research and development

We offer a wide range of consultancy services to industry. Most of our work is for NATA accredited laboratories, and for clients involved in the gas supply industry. This includes manufacturers of measuring instruments, and those who import or manufacture equipment used to transfer gas.

We can give clients immediate access to skilled and work-ready gas flow scientists and engineers. We help clients solve complex, challenging and unexpected gas flow measurement problems. This helps minimise impacts on their workforce, facilities, finances and operations.

We can:

  • investigate unique and challenging gas flow measurement issues and deliver solutions
  • design and deliver contract research and development projects for clients
  • conduct precision measurements in our facility or on-site at clients’ locations
  • deliver advice and support to develop new ideas, products and services
  • provide access to the latest knowledge, technology and equipment
  • facilitate certifications with our international counterparts, for product export or import
  • work with clients to identify and capitalise on opportunities that give them a competitive edge.

Customised training

We design and deliver bespoke gas flow measurement training programs for clients. This is separate to our established training and assessment programs. Our bespoke training programs can involve training teams to: 

  • use customised or purpose-built precision gas flow measurement instruments
  • understand traceability and measurement uncertainty, specific to gas flow
  • maintain a quality system.

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