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Force measurement services

We provide the most accurate force measurement services in Australia. We measure force, calibrate instruments and deliver research, advice and training.

We offer test and calibration services at our Lindfield laboratory.

This includes onsite calibration, technical advice, consultancy services, facility hire and training services. Our test systems are highly configurable, and we can use them to study specific force related measurement issues. We offer unbiased and trustworthy advice to industry.

Calibration and testing services

We calibrate most types of force transducers, load cells and proving rings. We calibrate force transducers up to 550 kN in tension and compression, and up to 4.5 MN in compression. We calibrate in accordance with ISO376, AS 2193 and ASTM E74.

Our calibration capabilities and prices

We maintain deadweight and hydraulic force generation machines and offer services:

  • up to 550 kN in compression and tension, with uncertainty of 0.002% 
  • from 550 kN to 1.5 MN in compression, with uncertainty of 0.02%
  • from 1.5MN to 4.5 MN in compression, with uncertainty of 0.04%.

Calibration prices

Turnaround times and bookings

Our turnaround time is usually less than 1 week. We book in most instruments with 2 weeks’ notice. We can arrange tighter scheduling on request.

Consultancy services

We customise our services to suit each client’s needs. We work with clients to understand their force measurement issues or opportunities and provide:

  • precision measurement
  • contract research and development
  • advice for product development, measurement integrity and quality assurance.

Why use our force measurement services?

As Australia’s peak body for measurement, we’re in a unique position to support our clients. We provide the most accurate force measurement services in Australia because we:

  • have the most advanced and innovative facilities
  • develop and maintain Australia’s force measurement standards
  • calibrate the widest breadth of instruments
  • deliver results with the lowest uncertainties possible
  • conduct innovative research to improve standards and support clients
  • customise our service offering to suit each client’s unique needs and objectives.

Many of our clients are other laboratories that measure force. This includes those that the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredits. NATA accredited laboratories deliver results that are traceable to the standards we maintain.

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