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Measurement awards

The National Measurement Institute presents annual awards to recognise outstanding achievements in measurement science.

The awards recognise achievements at all levels – from students to early career researcher to established researchers. They also promote the value of measurement to society.

There are 5 measurement awards.

Barry Inglis Medal

This award recognises professionals with a sustained record of achievement. The medal is named after Dr Barry Inglis, the NMI’s first CEO and Chief Metrologist, for his significant contribution to Australian measurement science and infrastructure. The winner receives $2,000.

Measurement Achievement Encouragement Award

Formerly the NMI Prize, this award recognises early to mid-career professionals for measurement-related achievements. The winner receives $1,000 plus $1,000 off an NMI training course or service.

NMI Measurement Impact Award

This award celebrates measurement-related achievements demonstrating real-world impact. The winner receives $1,000 plus $1,000 off an NMI training course or service.

People’s Choice Award

The audience votes during the National Science Week awards ceremony. The winner receives $500.

NMI-Questacon Student Measurement Award

For school students awarded jointly by NMI and Questacon. New in 2023. The winner receives $250 plus a Questacon family pass.

Past winners

Barry Inglis Medal

  • 2023    Prof Mark Taylor
  • 2022    Oliver Jones
  • 2021    Joseph Berry
  • 2020    Warwick Bowen
  • 2019    Wojciech Chrzanowski
  • 2018    Derek Abbott
  • 2017    Andre Luiten
  • 2016    Mike McLaughlin
  • 2015    Graham Jones
  • 2014    Bruce Forgan
  • 2013    Not awarded
  • 2012    Not awarded
  • 2011    Philip NH Nakashima
  • 2010    Ken Baldwin
  • 2009    Michael E Tobar
  • 2008    John E Sader

Measurement Achievement Encouragement Award (formerly the NMI Prize)

  • 2023   Dr Zhiwei Sun
  • 2022    Neil Robinson
  • 2021    Not awarded
  • 2020    Renée Webster
  • 2019    Maxim Goryachev 
  • 2018    Arman Siahvashi, Michael Vanner
  • 2017    Not awarded
  • 2016    Suelynn Choy
  • 2015    Alessandro Rossi
  • 2014    Douglas Little
  • 2013    Daniel Creedon
  • 2012    Sharath Sriram
  • 2011    Michael J Biercuk
  • 2010    Not awarded
  • 2009    Eric F May
  • 2008    Paul L Stanwix

People's Choice

  • 2023    Adelaide University Atomic Clock Team
  • 2022    Rounak Manoharan

NMI Measurement Impact award 

•    2023 Adelaide University Atomic Clock Team 

Nominating for the awards

NMI awards

Applications are open to:

  • individuals or groups who have made one or more significant measurement-related achievements
  • activity conducted in Australia or where the primary applicant is an Australian citizen.  

You can nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else.

Applications are not open to employees of NMI and their immediate family members. Applicants should be willing to take part in the award event, either live or by pre-recorded video.

Measurement-related achievements can be in any scientific or technical field, as long as the measurement of something tangible is central to the achievement. Examples could include:

  • designing a new measurement method
  • improving our understanding of measurement science
  • applying measurements in a new way to address an industry challenge or societal concern.

Assessment criteria

A panel will assess applications against these equally weighted criteria:

  • degree and significance of impact, for example, whether the achievement had a local, national or international effect
  • benefit to Australia, in particular Australian science, industry or community
  • scientific or technical novelty.

We will only give an award if we receive applications of sufficient quality.

Awards for students

Applications are open to:

  • Australian students from years 5 to 10 inclusive (attending school or being home-schooled)
  • individuals or teams with up to 4 members.

You can nominate yourself or be nominated by someone else.

Applications are not open to children of NMI or Questacon employees.

Your application should showcase something you have done involving measurement. Examples could include:

  • coming up with an idea for measuring something more effectively or in an innovative way e.g. measuring distances using only what is in your lunchbox
  • finding a way to make things work better e.g. designing a way to minimise power use at home
  • investigating the world around us e.g. measuring pollution in your local waterway.

Find out more and apply on Questacon’s website.

Latest news

Prof Mark Taylor
National Measurement Institute

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Prof Mark Taylor, Adelaide University Atomic Clock Team and Dr Zhiwei Sun take out the National Measurement Institute’s top honours.
Abstract light waves.
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Join the fun at the 2023 NMI Measurement Awards!

Help the National Measurement Institute (NMI) celebrate and recognise measurement excellence. Book your free ticket for this online event on 18 August.

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