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AQA 24-05 pesticides in fruit and vegetables

May 2024
Sample Analytes Approximate Conc. Range (mg/kg) Price*

S1, S2, S3**

Varied fruit, vegetables, and bulb vegetables (garlic)

Abamectin Dicofol Metalaxyl 0.01 – 20


Single study (all samples) $820

Extra sample set $240



Single study (all samples) $1055

Extra sample set $265

Acetamiprid Dieldrin Methamidophos
Azinphos-methyl Dimethoate Methidathion
Azoxystrobin Endosulfan Sulfate Methomyl
Bifenazate Fenamiphos Metrafenone
Bifenthrin Fenhexamid Mevinphos
Buprofezin Fenitrothion Omethoate
Carbaryl Fenthion Oxadixyl
Carbendazim Fenvalerate Permethrin
Chlorfenvinphos Fipronil Pirimicarb
Chlorothalonil Flonicamid Prochloraz
Chlorpyrifos Fludioxonil Procymidone
Chlorthal-dimethyl Fluopicolide Profenofos
Clothianidin Fluopyram Propamocarb
Cyazofamid Glyphosate Propargite
Cyfluthrin Hexachlorobenzene Pyraclostrobin
Cyhalothrin Imazalil Spinosad
Cypermethrin Imidacloprid Spirotetramat
Cyprodinil Indoxacarb Thiabendazole
2,4-D Iprodione Triadimefon
Deltamethrin Linuron Trifloxystrobin
Diazinon Maldison  

* Shipping costs are included; GST not included.

** Each sample will be spiked with a selection of analytes from the given list.

Any special analyte which you would like to see included? Please let us know.