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Legal metrology service charter

Learn about the foundation principles of our activity, including our service delivery standards.

Our foundation principles

The 3 principles which underpin all trade measurement activity are:

  • proportionality
  • consistency
  • transparency.

These 3 principles are applicable to all areas of our activity, including our service delivery standards.

The proportionality principle relates to the application of our risk-based model to the legislated enforcement options trade measurement can use as a regulator in the marketplace.

The consistency principle stipulates that there is a consistent national approach to service delivery – whether that is in terms of timeframes or customer service ethic.

The transparency principle ensures our accessibility to all customers and stakeholders. We seek to be transparent in our communications by making clear and unambiguous statements about trade measurement matters.

Our customer service aims

Just as we have foundation principles, we also have 5 customer service aims that are as applicable to answering the hotline phone as they are to having a conversation in person.

  • We will be efficient—to respond to customer requests in the stated timeframes.
  • We will be clear—to demonstrate sound technical or legal knowledge and to provide unambiguous guidance to customers.
  • We will be empathetic—to seek to understand customer needs.
  • We will be professional—to be friendly and polite and always conscious of how we represent trade measurement as a service of the Australian Government.
  • We will be accountable—to accept and respond to customer feedback and to keep customers informed of the processes we undertake to address their enquiries and complaints.

Our service standards


We will answer all hotline calls received during business hours between 8:30 am and 5 pm each working day.

In the event that there is a time difference or public holiday, we will answer any voice mail messages within the next working day.

Complaints and enquiries

We will acknowledge all complaints and enquiries within 2 working days.

We will resolve all enquiries within 3 weeks.

Complaints received about potential breaches of trade measurement law will be subject to risk assessment and will be followed up in accordance with the Trade measurement complaint handling policy.

As trade measurement investigations are subject to confidentiality obligations, we are not able to provide you with details of the outcomes of the investigation. Any enforcement action that is taken in response to your complaint will be in accordance with the National compliance policy.

Laboratory services

We will complete all laboratory work within 3 weeks when all relevant instruments, artefacts and documentation are submitted by pre-arranged ‘book in’ date.

Where it is not possible for us to complete work within the above timeframe, we will inform you of the progress of your laboratory work.

Servicing and public weighbridge licences

We will provide a decision or reasons for a delay regarding applications to grant, renew or amend a servicing or public weighbridge licence within 28 days.

Legal metrology authority appointments

We will provide a decision or reasons for a delay regarding applications to grant, renew or amend a legal metrology authority appointment within 90 days.

Utility meter verifiers

We will provide a decision or reasons for a delay regarding applications to grant, renew or amend an appointment as a utility meter verifier within 90 days.

Pattern approval certificates

We will perform tests, evaluate test results and process applications for issuing of pattern approval certificates within 90 days using a ‘stop the clock’ system to account for requests for required information and documentation.


We will endeavour always to answer our personal phones in business hours.

We will acknowledge your email, voice mail, letter or fax within 2 working days.

In all our communications with you, we will aim to be clear, concise, and provide unambiguous advice where possible on all trade measurement issues.

Face to face

In all our dealings with customers and stakeholders, we will aim to be professional, considerate and always prepared to listen.

Customer service compliments and complaints

As a customer or stakeholder you have a role in making our service better. Help us improve our service standards by providing us with your feedback. If you have a compliment or a complaint about our staff or services, please contact us through our dedicated email address

All compliments and complaints will be recorded on a limited-access register. We will investigate and seek resolution of any complaint raised with us in a consultative manner.

If you are unsatisfied with how your issue has been dealt with, you can escalate your complaint to the general manager of legal metrology.

If you do not believe that your concerns have been adequately addressed, you have the right to pursue your matter through the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

We undertake to regularly measure and review the quality and levels of service provided to customers and stakeholders.

Review of compliance and enforcement decisions

Infringement notices

If you are a business owner and consider that you have been incorrectly issued an infringement notice, you may contact our National Trade Measurement Hotline on 1300 686 664 or email

An infringement notice can only be withdrawn on one or more of the following grounds:

  • new facts come to light which suggest that the person served with the notice did not commit the offence
  • the offence forms part of a more serious course of criminal conduct that should be prosecuted, or
  • there is an error in the notice.

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can seek further advice from the general manager of legal metrology.

Servicing licensees

If you are a servicing licensee, you may receive written notice of the grounds for proposed disciplinary action. You will have the opportunity, within a stipulated timeframe, to make a written submission to the general manager of legal metrology as to why disciplinary action should not be taken.

If you would like a review of any decision related to disciplinary action, you may make an application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.