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The North Bowen and Galilee basins have significant potential to produce more gas and other resources.

The strategic basin plan identifies opportunities and provides a pathway to manage challenges. It takes measured steps to gather data and demonstrate commercial opportunities that will attract investment to the region.

This is the digital publication of the strategic basin plan.

About the basins

The basins are located in central Queensland. The plan focuses on a defined area that encompasses Townsville to the north, Mackay to the east, Emerald to the south and Longreach to the west.

Together, the North Bowen and Galilee basins cover an area larger than New Zealand.

Unlocking potential resources

The North Bowen and Galilee are best known for their high quality coal. However, there has been widespread exploration for other resources in the basins. Industry has developed some of these resources, and there may be significant value in investing in further operations.

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Future outlook

The strategic basin plan supports the government’s vision for the world’s most advanced, innovative and successful resources sector.

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