This page belongs to: North Bowen and Galilee Strategic Basin Plan

Delivering the strategic basin plan

Affordable and reliable gas from the Galilee and North Bowen basins are central to the government’s plans for energy security. Gas companies have already completed extensive works to identify and evaluate the resources in the basins.

Now, the government is working with industry to make strategic investments to identify a bankable pathway to market. This includes:

  • comprehensive information gathering to inform the right decisions
  • effective cooperation between industry, academia, and different layers of government 
  • investment in the skills and infrastructure a growing industry needs.

The government is committed to ensuring that development in North Bowen and Galilee is safe, sound and sustainable. This includes ensuring that development supports local communities, Queensland and the broader Australian population. The government will implement the plan through a series of immediate actions. The plan has flexibility regarding future actions to enable a response to any shifting conditions.

The results from the initial stage of actions will inform and shape the direction, investment and decision-making in subsequent stages.

Delivering the plan

A flow chart connecting the 3 key part of the plan. 1. partnerships 2. development activities 3. demonstrating bankability

Partnerships between the Australian Government, Queensland Government, academia, industry and communities are key to delivering the plan.

Activities such as gas appraisals, infrastructure planning and enhanced data collection will result in:

  • demonstrated bankability
  • competitively priced gas supply