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We issue a certificate of approval for every measuring instrument that meets pattern approval requirements.

Certificates of approval usually comprise:

  • a certificate including the advice and conditions of approval
  • a technical schedule that describes the pattern and any variants
  • a test procedure with the tests (not already covered by other published test procedures) used to verify the instrument and the maximum permissible errors of the instrument

The types of certificates are:

  • certificates of approval for a specific variant of measuring instrument
  • supplementary certificates of approval for pattern approved modules that connect to measuring instruments
  • general certificates for instruments made to a common standard

The status of certificates are:

  • current certificates are valid for 5 years
  • interim certificates are valid for a limited period
  • cancelled and expired certificates are not valid for new instruments (you can check certificates to check their validity)
  • withdrawn certificates are not valid for any instruments (including those which may have been installed and verified prior to the withdrawal date)
  • provisional certificates allow you to install instruments and use them for trade (under the conditions set out in the certificate) while we assess the instrument for full approval

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