Where do we need to focus our attention in regulation?

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Getting regulation right where it is needed can be challenging. It’s hard to predict how new technologies will be developed and applied, and change happens quickly. This makes it hard for regulation to keep up.

The role of Government as a domestic regulator is evolving to:

  • be more closely linked to citizens and businesses
  • adapt faster to change
  • minimise negative impacts on innovation
  • ensure maximum access to international markets.

Designing fit-for purpose regulatory approaches

To build on our existing strengths, the Government will work with industry to re-think regulatory approaches.

Legislation needs to be tailored to innovative digital practices, including through technology-neutral and principles-based approaches. Regulation needs to be fit for purpose, outcomes-focused, adaptable and prepared for rapid change.

Work is under way on responses to disruption in specific sectors, such as automated vehicles. Consideration will be given to whether an overall framework to guide government responses to emerging technologies is required.

Ensuring consistency in standards

Inconsistent regulations and standards are costly to those businesses that need to operate across multiple jurisdictions.

Having consistent or equivalent regulations and standards across the country, especially where these are aligned with international standards, helps researchers and businesses to quickly apply new technologies.