What are the opportunities in digital infrastructure?

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Getting digital infrastructure right allows us to:

  • connect people and places
  • improve productivity
  • increase economic growth
  • improve sustainability
  • adopt new technologies.

This, in turn, allows us to:

  • solve complex problems
  • improve the sustainability of our cities
  • build new businesses
  • create new jobs.

The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is taking shape and accelerating. Australians are already investing in technology to enable smart homes where lighting, heating and security systems can all be controlled with mobile phones. Continuing private sector and government investment as well as government facilitation of behind-the-scenes infrastructure will determine how fast Australia can adopt further advances such as automated vehicles and drones.

Modern research laboratories are extremely reliant on technology. They depend on access to high-performance computers and data stores, just as much as physical workshops and labs. Australian researchers and businesses depend on access to supercomputers to crack computational problems standard computers can’t handle. Investing in this infrastructure in Australia will grow our national capability in fields such as genetics, cyber security and climate science. By ensuring businesses and scientists have access to the right tools to do their work, they are more likely to stay here in Australia.