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EPR 430 - 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) from China

Goods Covered by the Application

2,4-D is a selective herbicide, mainly in the forms of 2,4-D acid and 2,4-D ester.The 2,4-D covered by the anti-dumping measures includes:

  • Sodium salt;
  • 2,4-D acid;
  • 2,4-D intermediate products (salts and esters), including:
    • iso butyl ester technical;
    • ethyl ester technical;
    • 2 ethyl hexyl ester technical;
    • dimethylamine (DMA); and
    • iso-propylamine (IPA);
  • 2,4-D fully formulated products; and
  • all other forms of 2,4-D.
Case Information  
Case type Continuation
Initiation date 20 July 2017
Applicant Nufarm Limited
Tariff classification 2918.99.00 (statistical code 43, 44, 48) and3808.93.90 (statistical code 41, 53)
Inquiry period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017

Public Record Documents

The public record EPR 430 includes non-confidential versions of documents such as the application, submissions, questionnaire responses, Commission visit reports and letters.

Key Dates

Event Date Status
Initial Submissions due 28 August 2017 Open
Statement of Essential Facts (SEF) no later than 19 December 2017 Published
Final recommendation to the Parliamentary Secretary no later than 2 February 2018 Made
Parliamentary Secretary's decision expected 30 days after Published


Exporter Questionnaire (DOCX 175KB)

Exporter Questionnaire Spreadsheet (XLSX 50KB)

Importer Questionnaire (DOCX 118KB)

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