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Investing in critical minerals

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The government encourages foreign investment in Australia’s critical minerals. Australia has an abundance of the elements needed to supply the growing demand driven by rapid technological change. We are already a world-leading resource exporter with expertise in resource extraction and processing. We supply many countries with high quality, ethically sourced minerals using environmentally sustainable practices.

Australia’s potential for critical minerals

Australia has significant critical mineral resources. Our mines produce many of the critical minerals used in essential technologies such as clean energy systems, smartphones, computers, electric vehicles and televisions.

  • Australia has the world’s largest resources of rutile (titanium), zircon (zirconium) and tantalum.
  • Australia’s resources of critical minerals such as antimony, cobalt, lithium, manganese ore, niobium, tungsten and vanadium, all rank in the top 5 globally.
  • Australia is the world’s top producer of spodumene (lithium), rutile and the second largest producer of zircon and rare earth elements.
  • Australia has potential for more undiscovered resources. Well-established mining regions cover just 20% of Australia. The remaining 80% of the continent is largely under-explored.

See the Outlook for Selected Critical Minerals in Australia 2019.

See Austrade for information on minerals resources opportunities including the Critical Minerals Prospectus and examples of current critical minerals projects.

What Australia has to offer

Australia is ideally placed to lead the growth, diversity and new applications of critical minerals globally.

Major mining companies, junior explorers and financiers can benefit from:

  • supportive governments, policies, incentives and programs for the mining industry
  • world-class pre-competitive geoscience information to identify areas of resource potential
  • high construction, environmental and safety standards
  • a successful mining industry with many of the major mining companies having a presence in Australia
  • a mining industry that has the ability to adjust to changing market demand
  • a stable business location with close ties to the growing markets of Asia
  • project facilitation for important projects that have the potential to grow Australia’s critical minerals sector, with a particular focus on projects that deliver new downstream opportunities

The Critical Minerals Facilitation Office is the central coordination point to help grow Australia’s critical minerals sector and position Australia as a secure and reliable supplier of critical minerals.

Government information for mining investors

Government information and advice is available for mining investors.

Note there have been changes to thresholds and timeframes for reviewing foreign investments under the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975. Learn more on the Foreign Investment Review Board website.

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Last updated: 7 July 2020

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