Graph papers on a desk being reviewed

Australia’s venture capital sector helps Australian businesses. It provides startups and small, innovative businesses with funds, skills and experience that can:

  • lead to technology improvements
  • increase productivity and employment.

The Australian Government helps our venture capital sector develop through tax concession programs.

In 2021, the previous government asked the Treasury and Industry Innovation and Science Australia (IISA) to review venture capital tax concessions and see if they are achieving their objectives.

The final review report was tabled in Parliament on 27 October 2022. It found that:

  • Tax concessions and investment vehicles offered by the programs were well received by the venture capital sector.
  • The programs helped grow the Australian venture capital sector by achieving their 2 main objectives –increasing venture capital investment and developing venture capital fund managers.
  • Stakeholders felt that removing the programs would harm the venture capital sector. However, some called for changes to the programs.