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After your Australian Industry Participation (AIP) plan is submitted and approved by the AIP Authority, you must implement the plan for your major project.

In order to meet your obligations under the Jobs Act 2013, project proponents and operators must:

  • report your compliance against the AIP plan
  • notify the AIP Authority of any changes in your project
  • keep detailed records

Compliance reporting

Once the AIP plan is approved, you need to demonstrate compliance with the plan for the project’s duration. New facilities will need to continue reporting for two years into the project’s operation.

You must submit a Compliance Report to the AIP Authority for every six month reporting period. This report demonstrates you have implemented your AIP plan and quantifies the opportunities awarded to Australian industry.

If you have any issues using these templates, contact us at or on 02 6213 6404.

For projects

Project proponents must report their progress against their approved AIP plans.

  1. Complete the Compliance report template – Project phase [159KB DOCX].
  2. Email the report to

Read the User Guide for Compliance Reports [877KB PDF] [180KB DOCX] for more detailed instructions.

For operations

The operator of a new facility must continue to report every 6 months for two years into the project’s operation.

  1. Complete the Compliance report template – Operations phase [157KB DOCX].
  2. Email the report to

Read the User Guide for Compliance Reports [877KB PDF] [180KB DOCX] for more detailed instructions.

Using a consultant

You may use consultants to assist you to complete your compliance reports. You will need to authorise the consultant (using a Letter of Authorisation or similar) to act on your behalf and discuss particulars of a specific project with the AIP Authority.

Project proponents must sign the compliance reports and take responsibility for implementing the AIP plan. A project proponent or facility operator cannot discharge their obligations except to another project proponent.


Project proponents and operators of new facilities must retain AIP plan records for a period of five years.

Amending or withdrawing AIP plans

You should advise the AIP Authority of any changes when they happen.

These may include:

  • minor administrative amendments, such as changing contact personnel
  • changes to the scope or timing of the project or its anticipated goods and services

Your AIP plan summaries may need to be updated.

You will generally need to prepare and submit a replacement AIP plan if there are changes to your AIP plan activities and commitments.

An AIP plan can be withdrawn if the project is cancelled, deferred indefinitely or the capital value falls below the $500 million threshold. A final Compliance Report will be required covering the period up until withdrawal.

Changing project proponent or operator

You must notify the AIP Authority whenever there is a change to the project proponent(s) or operator(s) for the project. This includes any change in entity name, ABN or ACN, or removal or insertion of a project proponent or operator from those specified in the approved AIP plan. The AIP Authority will determine if you are required to replace your AIP plan.

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Last updated: 4 July 2019

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