Commonwealth Government project Australian Industry Participation plan summaries

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Publication Year/Number Company Name Project Name Category AIP Plan summary
22/16 Tooraweenah Road Upgrade Payments to States and Territories
22/15 Australian High Commission Abuja, Nigeria Design and Construct - New Chancery Procurement
22/14 Beams Road upgrade Payments to States and Territories
22/13 Youngs Crossing Road and Bridge Upgrade Payments to States and Territories
22/12 17C Cordelia Residential Development CEFC
22/11 Alliance Airlines Rockhampton Maintenance Facility Project NAIF
22/10 Rocky Sports Stadium Grant
22/09 Project Murphy CEFC
22/08 Uniform, Accoutrement & Personal Protective Equipment Supply & Mgnt Services Procurement
22/07 Provision of Property Project Management Services Procurement
22/06 Harry Butler Science Centre Grant
22/05 Northern Endeavour Decommissioning Project Phase 1 Procurement
22/04 Visa and Migration Medical Services Procurement
22/01 Roe Highway Logistics Park CEFC
22/01 Snowy 2.0 Generator Connection CEFC