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The Leading Practice Sustainable Development Program (LPSDP) for the Mining Industry promotes sustainable mining practices.

The program developed a series of handbooks which provide mining managers, communities and regulators with practical information on leading practice approaches to mining management.

This handbook focuses on the principles of stewardship and the role it plays in continuously improving sustainable development performance in the mining industry. Stewardship involves the care and management of a commodity through its life cycle.


Stewardship - English [5MB PDF]

Penatagunaan - Bahasa Indonesia / Indonesian [2MB PDF]

スチュワードシップ - 日本語 / Japanese [2MB PDF]

책임주의 - 한국어 / Korean [2MB PDF]

Responsabilidad Ambiental - Español / Spanish [3MB PDF]

QUẢN LÝ - Tiếng Việt / Vietnamese [5MB PDF]