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Next steps

The Beetaloo is still in the exploration and appraisal phase. It has so far proved promising. However, larger-scale investments require more certainty of the resource.

Gas operators expect to have an informed view of the value of the Beetaloo’s resources around 2023.

Companies will consider a complex array of factors when finalising investment decisions.

The government is acting to:

  • bring forward investment decisions
  • increase economic benefits
  • coordinate lowest-cost outcomes

Realising the plan’s ambitions will see commercial investment decisions about large-scale development of the Beetaloo made in 2025.

The Beetaloo Strategic Plan establishes a flexible strategy that will accelerate characterisation of the resource. It ensures that the government can respond to the Beetaloo’s evolving commercial conditions.

We remain committed over the short, medium and long term to seizing the opportunities presented by the plan.

We will coordinate the implementation of this strategy with other government initiatives including:

  • our JobMaker plan
  • our Gas-fired Recovery Strategy
  • a Commonwealth-Northern Territory Bilateral Energy and Emissions Reduction Agreement
  • the NT Gas Strategy
  • the Northern Australia Development Agenda
  • our Modern Manufacturing Strategy

This work supports our vision to unlock vast amounts of gas to power our long-term energy needs. It will support new manufacturing jobs, and drive the nation’s COVID-19 economic recovery.