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Minister’s foreword

Australia’s natural resources have never been more important to our nation’s fortunes than now. They deliver hundreds of thousands of reliable, high-paying jobs. They deliver significant export revenue, taxes and royalties. These help to pay for our schools, hospitals and way of life.

Australia’s gas resources and reserves, in particular, have an important role to play in our path out from COVID-19.

Through our Gas-fired Recovery Strategy, the Australian Government will ensure that we maximise the benefits of our gas resources to:

  • provide more reliable and cheaper energy
  • deliver a stronger manufacturing sector
  • support our role as one of the world’s leading LNG exporters

A key aspect of our commitment to deliver more gas supply is the Strategic Basin Plans Program. This program will establish plans for the Beetaloo Sub-basin and four other strategically important basins. These plans will focus on producing additional gas from basins across Australia.

The $224 million Beetaloo Strategic Basin Plan sets out bold, innovative and cooperative actions to accelerate gas development. The plan seizes the opportunities presented by the natural resources in the Beetaloo.

The Beetaloo Sub-basin in the Northern Territory (NT) has the potential to be a world-class gas province. The gas produced from large-scale Beetaloo development could supply a variety of gas markets, including:

  • downstream gas industries in the NT
  • the east coast domestic gas market
  • potentially LNG exports

Development of the Beetaloo would be transformational for the NT economy by:

  • creating local jobs
  • generating revenue
  • providing a springboard for many downstream industries in the NT

These benefits would also flow to communities in the surrounding region, providing an opportunity to address long-term disadvantage.

We commit to ensure that Beetaloo development is safe and sustainable. This includes ensuring that development benefits locals, Territorians and the broader Australian community.

The government cannot do it alone. This plan sets out a framework for all interested parties to take responsibility for development in the Beetaloo. It recognises the crucial, but varying roles of industry, local communities and the Australian and NT Governments.

Through delivery of this plan, the government is acting to realise the benefits of Beetaloo development.