There are 5 release areas available for offshore greenhouse gas storage exploration.

They are offshore of Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Bids can be submitted between Friday 4 March 2022 and Thursday 10 March 2022.

Explore acreage release areas

See regional geology, high resolution maps, block diagrams and block listings for the acreage release areas.

Bonaparte Basin

There are 2 release areas in the Bonaparte Basin, offshore Northern Australia. They are both located in the Petrel Sub-basin.

Browse Basin

There is one release area in the Browse Basin, offshore Northern Australia. It is located in the Caswell Sub-basin.

Northern Carnarvon Basin

There are 2 release areas in the Northern Carnarvon Basin, offshore Western Australia. They are both are located in the Dampier Sub-basin.

Data access for all basins

Industry nominated the release areas. Then we consulted with the public, governments and stakeholders to determine the final release.

Take part in the acreage release

You must read the Australian Government gazette notice before submitting your work-bid application.

Find key information for bidding on the release areas.

Key information for applicants

You must consider all matters below before submitting your work-bid greenhouse gas assessment permit application.

How to bid on acreage release areas

You can submit your work-bid applications to the National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator (NOPTA) between 9 am Friday 4 March 2022 and 4 pm Thursday 10 March 2022.