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Artificial intelligence

We are committed to ensuring that all Australians share the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI presents incredible opportunities to grow our economy, create jobs and improve our lives. AI technologies are:

  • helping small businesses better understand their customers
  • transforming local manufacturing to be more competitive
  • enabling us to manage our environment and resources more efficiently
  • solving significant national challenges like bushfires and health.

Developing and adopting responsible AI

Australia’s AI Action Plan envisions Australia as a global leader in developing and adopting trusted, secure and responsible AI. It includes actions the Australian Government is taking to realise this vision.

The government is investing $124.1 million to build capability as part of this plan. This brings investment in AI to almost half a billion dollars since 2018. See the plan’s AI 2021-22 Budget measures.

The plan is a key feature of the Australian Government’s Digital Economy Strategy.

Progressing ethical AI

For Australia to realise the benefits of AI, people need to be able to trust that AI systems are safe, secure and reliable.

Australia’s AI Ethics Framework guides businesses, governments and other organisations to responsibly design, develop and use AI. It will help ensure AI is inclusive and reflects Australian values.

This voluntary framework includes 8 AI Ethics Principles. Organisations can apply them to:

  • achieve better outcomes with AI
  • reduce the risks of negative impacts
  • practice the highest standards of ethical business and good governance.

We’re progressing the framework by:

  • piloting the principles with Australian businesses
  • working with agencies to encourage greater uptake and consistency with the principles.

Collaborating internationally on responsible AI

Australia is collaborating on the responsible use and development of AI as a founding member of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI). The GPAI is the first multi-lateral forum dedicated to AI.

Read about our participation in the GPAI.

Building on Australia’s AI capabilities

The government committed $29.9 million in the 2018-19 Budget to strengthen Australia’s capability in AI and machine learning (ML).

This included:

Roadmap for AI technology

We commissioned CSIRO’s Data61 to develop an AI Technology Roadmap.

The roadmap:

  • shows how Australia can build on its strengths to solve national problems, grow the economy and export AI-driven solutions
  • identifies three high potential areas of AI specialisation for Australia.

Standards for AI

We commissioned Standards Australia to develop an AI Standards Roadmap.

The roadmap provides a framework for Australian to shape the development of standards for AI internationally.

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