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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful technology that can boost the economy, raise incomes and improve our quality of life. AI can perform tasks defined by humans. But these technologies don’t need explicit guidance from a human. They can help solve challenges we face in areas like:

  • health and welfare
  • safety
  • environment
  • energy
  • infrastructure and transport
  • education

Australian industries can use AI to improve the efficiency, safety and quality of their processes and services.

Future of AI in Australia

The government is committed to creating an environment where AI helps the Australian economy and society thrive.

We are working across government, industry, academics, and the community to:

  • explore the role of AI in Australia’s future
  • develop policy
  • build our artificial intelligence capability

Find out how we’re developing a whole-of-government AI Action Plan on our Consultation hub

What we’re working on now

We are exploring what the focus of Australian AI policy should be in the future.

To develop ideas and actions, we are working with expert stakeholders through workshops and forums.

AI Ethics Framework

For Australia to realise the benefits of AI, citizens need to be able to trust that AI systems are safe, secure and reliable.

We are developing a voluntary AI Ethics Framework to help guide businesses and governments looking to design, develop, and implement AI in Australia.

This includes:

  • 8 AI Ethics Principles to encourage organisations using AI systems to strive for the best outcomes for Australians
  • developing guidance to help businesses apply the principles in their work

We are piloting the approach with a small number of organisations. We are keen to hear from any other organisations applying the AI ethics principles. Let us know your feedback by emailing Artificial.Intelligence [at]

If you want to know more about the consultation so far, read the discussion paper, published submissions and key takeaways.

AI Technology Roadmap

We commissioned CSIRO’s Data61 to develop an AI Technology Roadmap, Artificial Intelligence: Solving problems, growing the economy and improving our quality of life.

The roadmap:

  • highlights areas of focus to advance the development and adoption of AI technologies in Australia including skills, infrastructure, research, regulation and data governance
  • identifies three areas where Australia could build on its existing strengths and capabilities, with opportunities to solve national problems and export AI-driven solutions
  • will frame policy discussion to maximise the benefits for Australia

Related projects

Industry grants for AI projects

Round 6 of the Cooperative Research Centres Program provided $25 million for AI projects.

The round aimed to:

  • address gaps in Australia's AI and machine learning capability
  • deliver tangible outcomes for Australian businesses
  • improve our global competitiveness

Read about the successful recipients from the AI priority round on

AI education

The government is supporting students to learn more about AI.

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Last updated: 8 December 2020

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