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Nov 2023

Country of origin labelling for seafood is coming to hospitality

Consumer ministers have voted to introduce mandatory seafood labelling in hospitality venues.
Nov 2023 Office of National Rail Industry Coordination

Getting our rail manufacturing industry back on track

We’ve developed a strategy with stakeholders to grow Australia’s rail manufacturing sector.
Nov 2023

Australia signs international declaration on AI safety

The Bletchley Declaration commits to the safe, ethical and responsible development of artificial intelligence (AI).
Nov 2023 Australian Space Agency

Competition to name Australia’s lunar rover

Australians have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to name an Aussie-built rover that will go to the Moon. Voting on 4 shortlisted names is now open.

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Dec 2023

Help create Australia’s Centre for Quantum Growth

$18.5 million in grant funding is available to help grow Australia’s quantum industry. Applications close 24 January 2024.
Nov 2023 Industry Innovation and Science Australia

Industry Innovation and Science Australia (IISA) releases 2022–23 annual report

Find out about IISA’s activities and performance over the last financial year.
Nov 2023

Our 2023 APS Employee Census results

The 2023 APS Employee Census results are in. The census collects workforce views on important issues.
Nov 2023 Industry Innovation and Science Australia

New insights on barriers to innovation highlight Australia’s missing band of medium-sized businesses

Improving Australia’s capacity to be resilient and to grow the economy requires more innovative small businesses scaling up.
Nov 2023

Methane abatement technology projects receive $4.35 million

The Australian Government is supporting methane abatement technologies as part of Australia's transition to net zero.
Nov 2023 Industry Innovation and Science Australia

Industry Innovation and Science Australia (IISA) report highlights barriers to collaboration and commercialisation

Find out about the challenges Australian businesses face and ideas to remove those barriers.
Nov 2023

Industry Growth Program launches advisory service

The Industry Growth Program is officially open for business. Start-ups and innovative small-to-medium businesses can now apply for expert advice on getting their ideas to market.

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3 November 2023 National Reconstruction Fund

Launching the National Reconstruction Fund website

Visit for updates from the NRF Corporation.
10 May 2023 National Measurement Institute

Importance of measurement recognised in the 2023–24 Budget

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) has received $63.9 million in funding to sustain its core measurement capabilities and to modernise Australia’s measurement laws.
30 March 2023 National Reconstruction Fund

National Reconstruction Fund Corporation Bill passes through Parliament

The Bill establishes the National Reconstruction Fund Corporation.
6 December 2022 National Reconstruction Fund

National Reconstruction Fund: virtual consultation sessions

Registrations for virtual consultation sessions are now closed. Watch the virtual consultation presentation.
1 December 2022 National Reconstruction Fund

National Reconstruction Fund: have your say

Have your say in shaping the design of the Australian Government’s National Reconstruction Fund.
27 October 2022 National Reconstruction Fund

National Reconstruction Fund: diversifying and transforming Australia’s industry and economy

The Australian Government has committed $15 billion to establish the National Reconstruction Fund (NRF) to help diversify and transform Australia’s industry and economy.
23 February 2022

New report shows Australia can meet Asian gas demand

The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Commodity Report encourages expanded trade and investment in Australia’s LNG sector.
6 July 2021 Anti-Dumping Commission

Dumping and Subsidy Manual Update 2021: have your say

The Anti-Dumping Commission is seeking feedback on its update to the Dumping and Subidy Manual. Consultation closes on 10 August 2021.
23 December 2020

Preparing for the end of the Brexit transition period

At 11pm GMT 31 January 2020 (10am AEDT 1 February), the United Kingdom (UK) formally ceased to be a member state of the European Union (EU)
23 November 2020 Office of the Chief Economist

Resource investment turns the corner

We have released the 2020 edition of Resources and Energy Major Projects, an annual census of resources and energy projects worth over $50 million.
28 September 2020 Office of the Chief Economist

Australia’s resources and energy exports are forecast at $256 billion in 2020–21, despite the COVID-...

We have released the September 2020 edition of the Resources and Energy Quarterly.
4 September 2020

A new Australian geographical indication right? Have your say

The Australian Government is consulting on the possible development of a new Australian GI right as part of negotiations for the Australia European Union Free Trade Agreement. Consultation closes 30 November.