Abstract graphic includes microscope and test tubes

The Australian Government's 2023-24 Budget recognises the importance of measurement and its contributions to our nation with $63.9 million in additional funding allocated to the NMI. 

NMI CEO and Chief Metrologist Dr Bruce Warrington explained that NMI’s measurement capabilities provide the foundations for science and its application across the economy, especially for trade.

'Australians rely on accurate measurement every day to ensure we get what we pay for at the shops and that we’re safe and healthy, from the food we eat to our environment. We also make sure that businesses operate on a level playing field and Australian products are trusted in international markets,' Dr Warrington added.

Funding breakdown

$51.2 million will sustain NMI’s core operations by ensuring we can continue providing the measurement capabilities critical to Australia’s economy. For example:

$12.7 million over 4 years will update Australia’s measurement legislation to be more principles-based and more flexible so new technologies can go to market faster, while retaining consumer and business protections. Additional funds will be provided over the forward estimates ($2.1 million in 2027–28, $2.2 million in 2028–29 and $1.8 million per year ongoing from 2029–30).

We will promote future public consultation and engagement activities to inform the new legislation. In the meantime, you can read about the review of Australia’s measurement law.

About the NMI

Our work adapts to, services and enhances Australian industries’ productivity and growth and aims to ensure a fair, safe, healthy and competitive Australia.

We develop and maintain Australia’s physical, chemical and biological measurement standards to deliver world-class measurement products, regulation and advice.