Investing in Australia's critical minerals

The government encourages foreign investment in Australia’s critical minerals.

Australia has many of the elements the world needs to make advanced technology like smartphones, computers, solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles.

We’re already a world-leading resource exporter and supply many countries with high quality, ethically sourced minerals using environmentally sustainable practices.

Australia has significant critical mineral resources and potential compared to other countries:

  • Australia has the world’s largest resources of rutile (titanium), zircon (zirconium) and tantalum.
  • Australia’s resources of critical minerals like antimony, cobalt, lithium, manganese ore, niobium, tungsten and vanadium, rank in the top 5 globally.
  • Australia is the world’s top producer of lithium, rutile and the second largest producer of zircon and rare earth elements.
  • Australia has potential for more undiscovered minerals. Well-established mining regions cover just 20% of Australia. The remaining 80% is largely under-explored.

See Geoscience Australia’s:

Why invest in critical minerals

Major mining companies, junior explorers and financiers can benefit from Australia’s:

  • mature mining industry and deep expertise in resource extraction and processing
  • supportive governments, policies, incentives and programs for the resources sector
  • pre-competitive geoscience information to identify areas of resource potential
  • robust regulatory, construction, environmental and safety standards
  • stable business location with close ties to the growing markets of Asia.

See current investment opportunities and the Australian Critical Minerals Prospectus on Austrade’s website.

Find government information for mining investors

These government agencies and resources help investors find opportunities and navigate approval requirements to invest in Australia.

Critical Minerals Office

The Critical Minerals Office connects Australian critical minerals projects to investors and strategic partners to advance projects and provide midstream and downstream opportunities.


Austrade is the government’s lead trade and investment facilitation agency. It supports the critical minerals sector by developing commercial partnerships to connect Australia with trade partners and target markets.

Foreign Investment Review Board

The Foreign Investment Review Board provides Information on foreign investment approval requirements for investing in Australia.

Australia Minerals

Australia Minerals provides information, expertise and support for mineral explorers and investors.

Geoscience Australia

Australia’s Energy and Mineral Resources Investor Guide 2020 includes guidelines for foreign investment, business entry into Australia, indigenous engagement and sustainable development.

Major Projects Facilitation Agency

The Major Projects Facilitation Agency helps projects (with capital expenditure of AU$20 million and over) navigate Australian Government regulatory approvals.