Free trade agreements

We represent and advocate for industry and the resources sector by negotiating and implementing free trade agreements (FTAs). We work with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to develop, negotiate and implement Australia’s trade policy agenda.

Negotiating FTAs 

We negotiate FTAs on behalf of industry and the resources sector. Our areas of negotiation include:

  • market access, including the reduction and elimination of tariffs
  • rules of origin, including product specific rules
  • trade remedies, including anti-dumping and countervailing duties and safeguards
  • technical and product standards
  • services and investment.

Find FTAs under negotiation on DFAT’s website.

We want to hear from you

Industry feedback is vital in helping us develop comprehensive policy positions on FTAs under negotiation. Feedback also helps us identify and seek to resolve any issues under existing FTAs.

If you’re an exporter, importer, or producer with an interest in improving existing FTAs or contributing to ongoing negotiations email us

FTAs currently in force

Australia’s FTAs:

  • provide Australian companies broader access to international markets 
  • open Australian markets up to greater competition 
  • offer more prospects for increased two-way investment 
  • reduce import costs for Australian businesses and consumers.

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