Initiatives and services


Electronic equipment testing services

Our Pattern Approval laboratory provides testing to IEC standards across a range of areas.

Energy sector

We support energy security including developing methods for electrical measurements, and producing internationally comparable reference gases for the natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) industries.

Environment sector

We are using measurement to help protect our environment. We support environmental management of pollutants, including research into new contaminants of concern and greenhouse gases.

Environmental testing and analytical services

We provide a range of core and specialist environmental testing and analytical services.

Find a public weighbridge

Public weighbridges are open for public use for a charge under the National Measurement Act 1960.

Food and agricultural testing services

We offer an extensive range of chemical and microbiological testing, including chemical, microbiological and sub-contracted tests.

Food sector

We develop measurements in new areas like food provenance and fraud, as well as improved methods to accurately measure important nutrients like vitamin D and amino acids.

Force measurement services

We provide the most accurate force measurement services in Australia. We measure force, calibrate instruments and deliver research, advice and training.

Forensic drug analysis

Our Australian Forensic Drug Laboratory (AFDL) is leading the way in identifying novel psychoactive substances.

Free trade agreements

We represent and advocate for industry and the resources sector by negotiating and implementing free trade agreements (FTAs). We work with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to develop, negotiate and implement Australia’s trade policy agenda.