Initiatives and services


Future You

Future You is a national digital initiative led by the Women in STEM Ambassador. It raises awareness and seeks to break down stereotypes and showcase diverse opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Gas flow measurement and calibration services

We offer the most accurate gas flow measurement services in Australia. We calibrate instruments, conduct measurements, and deliver research, advice and training.

Girls in STEM Toolkit (GiST)

The Girls in STEM Toolkit (GiST) supports girls, families, teachers and other influencers to explore the many study and career opportunities available through science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Global Science and Technology Diplomacy Fund: strategic element

The Global Science and Technology Diplomacy Fund (GSTDF) identifies and funds science and technology initiatives to grow Australia’s capability.
The strategic element is a flexible funding arrangement. It will fund collaborative projects with identified research partners in 4 priority areas.

We have identified the priority areas through extensive stakeholder engagement and alignment with Australian Government strategies and priorities.

The research partners have been selected through:

  • data analysis
  • their track record of delivering world-leading research capabilities
  • impactful collaboration potential with Australia.

Priority areas and identified partners for 2022:

  • advanced manufacturing: USA, Italy, UK, France, Switzerland
  • artificial intelligence and quantum computing: Japan, UK, France, Spain, USA
  • hydrogen production: Germany, Canada, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand
  • RNA (including mRNA) vaccines and therapies: USA, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Singapore.

The Prime Minister and Minister for Science and Technology will review priorities annually.

Learn about the bilateral element of the GSTDF

Grant design and delivery services

Our Business Grants Hub helps government agencies design and implement grants programs.

Health sector

We use measurement to support personalised healthcare and optimal health outcomes. This includes producing DNA reference materials to support genetic testing in cancer patients.

Impedance measurement services

We offer a suite of services in impedance measurement. We measure impedance, calibrate standards and deliver contract research, advice and training.

Industry Growth Centres

Driving innovation, productivity and competitiveness in 6 key growth industry sectors.

Industry innovation

We are boosting innovation in Australian businesses and building competitive industries.

Industry Innovation and Science Australia

We are an independent statutory board of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and educators.