Initiatives and services


Acoustic and vibration measurement services

We offer the most accurate acoustic and vibration measurement services in Australia. We calibrate instruments, conduct measurements, and deliver research, advice and training.

Artificial intelligence

We are committed to ensuring all Australians share the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI). AI presents opportunities to grow our economy, create jobs and improve our lives.


AusIndustry provides a connection between small and medium size businesses and government. Our network of Regional Managers provide local business connections and impartial, trusted guidance tailored to businesses.
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Australia-China Science and Research Fund: Joint Research Centres

The Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF) Joint Research Centres (ACSRF – JRCs) are virtual centres that link Australian and Chinese institutions and fund research in priority areas agreed between both governments.


  • build research capacity
  • maximise the application and commercialisation of research outcomes
  • boost collaboration between researchers and industry
  • facilitate joint efforts and outcomes that exceed what an individual research project can expect.

Competitive grant rounds are held regularly. You may only apply while a round is open.

Program guidelines apply to Australian applicants only. Chinese applicants should follow the Chinese Government guidelines.

Learn more about how we collaborate with China on science and research.

Currently closed

Australia-China Science and Research Fund: thematic science workshops, seminars and symposia

The Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF) supports Australia-China science and technology workshops, seminars and symposia. This includes the long standing Australia-China Science Academies Symposia Series.

Established in 2004, the Australia-China Science Academies Symposia Series strengthens cooperative research links between Australia and China in areas of mutual interest.

This forum is jointly organised by the:

Learn more about how we collaborate with China on science and research.

Past symposia

  • 2019: 15th symposium on Precision Medicine  was held in Victoria, Australia from 6-8 November.
  • 2018: 14th symposium on Light Changes Your Life was held in Changchun, China on 27–29 August.
  • 2017: 13th symposium on Synthetic Biology was held in Brisbane, Australia on 17–19 October. Australian and Chinese researchers discussed their research on macromolecular design, engineering of biochemical pathways and genome-scale re-design of living organisms and the ethical and regulatory implications of synthetic biology research.
  • 2016:  12th symposium on Advanced Materials was held in Ningbo, China on 21–23 September. Experts from Australia and China explored research and the industrial applications of advanced materials.
  • 2015: 11th symposium on neuroscience was held in Melbourne on 15–16 October. Australia and China’s leading neuroscientists shared the latest research on neurodegenerative diseases and mental illness as well as better ways to study the brain.
  • 2013: 10th symposium on Astronomy and astrophysics was held in Nanjing, China on 10–12 November 2013.
  • 2012: 9th symposium on Healthy ageing: new approaches to genomics, stem cells and smart technologies was held in Canberra, Australia on 22-24 July.
  • 2011: 8th symposium on Green materials and recycling economy was held in Shanghai and Suzhou, China on 5–9 November.     
  • 2010: 7th symposium on Agriculture and food security relating to health was held in the Barossa Valley, Australia on 14–16 November.
  • 2009: 6th symposium on sustainable coastal and deltaic systems was held in Guangzhou and Xiamen, China on 12–15 October.
  • 2008: 5th symposium on remote sensing technologies and sustainability was held in Canberra, Australia on 24–25 November.
  • 2007: 4th symposium on sustaining global ecosystems was held in Beijing, China on 8–10 August.
  • 2006: 3rd symposium on energy: transportation fuels, static renewable energy for power generation and traditional energy sources was held in on Sydney, Australia on 5–7 November.
  • 2005: 2nd symposium on biotechnology and nanotechnology was held in Beijing, China on 8–12 October.
  • 2004: 1st symposium on sustainability was held in Melbourne, Australia on 17–20 November.
Currently closed

Australia-China Science and Research Fund: Young Scientists Exchange Programme

The Australian and Chinese Governments jointly fund the Young Scientists Exchange Programme (YSEP) for early to mid-career researchers. YSEP provides an opportunity for researchers from Australia and China to undertake a two week exchange.

Successful applicants establish linkages with a range of research organisations and learn about the science and research environments of each country.

Under the ACSRF, there have been 8 rounds of YSEP. The program is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 international travel restrictions.

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) works with us to administer the YSEP.

Learn more about how we collaborate with China on science and research.

Currently closed

Australia-India Strategic Research Fund: collaborative research projects

The Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) links Australian and Indian research institutions together to work on strategically focused, leading-edge scientific research and technology projects.

The projects build research capacity and maximise the application, commercialisation and sustainability of research outcomes, supporting the continued economic growth and development of both nations.

Competitive grant rounds are held annually and you may only apply while a round is open.

Program guidelines apply to Australian applicants only.

Indian applicants should follow the Indian Government guidelines. Indian researchers interested in Australian collaboration should contact the Indian Government Department of Science and Technology and Department of Biotechnology.

Learn more about how we collaborate with India on science and research.

Currently closed

Australia-India Strategic Research Fund: early and mid-career researcher fellowships

High-performing Australian early and mid-career researchers can access funding to travel to India and work with leading researchers at major Indian science and technology organisations.

The Indian Government also supports Indian researchers to spend time at Australian institutions. These reciprocal fellowships help to facilitate long-term science, technology and innovation collaboration between our nations.

Learn more about how we collaborate with India on science and research.

Australian Business Licensing and Information Service

We provide the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS). The tool provides information to new and existing businesses about the licences they need to start, run and grow.

Australian Radioactive Waste Agency

We lead the process to responsibly manage our nation’s radioactive waste now and into the future.